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If you are looking for an incredible wild adventure and if you love the sea, you are in the right place!

Imagine exploring coast to coast on a Stand Up Paddle one of the most beautiful sea of the world, the Amalfi Coast, from Sorrento to Positano, or in Cilento Coast, from Marina di Camerota to Scario, sleeping in wild beaches, living an experience in complete freedom.

This is a chance to rediscover yourself and your connection with Nature, to fight your limit, to boost up your endurance, to explore your freedom.

5 days of exploring, paddling, and swimming in the blue and green sea and 4 nights under the stars in wild camping on unique beaches.

Enlighten your inner part of yourself contemplating sunrise and sunset direct by the sea.

Go beyond your comfort zone and get ready for a real adventure!


5 days of exploring, paddling, and swimming in blue and green sea and 4 nights under the stars in wild camping on unique beaches.

Equipment (included)

- Stand Up Paddle board

- Paddle

- Waterproof bags (to carry your clothes, needs, meals, water, tents and sleep bag)

Day Activities

Navigation in Stand Up Paddle in the most beautiful seas of Italy will take several hours during the day between one stage and another with various stops. You will explore landscapes where nature is the protagonist, sailing between isolated beaches, pleasant bays, sea caves, majestic cliffs.
Whenever possible, depends about schedule and nature condition, yoga, meditation and breathing will be practiced.

Night Activities

The night will always be outdoors under the stars between deserted beaches and bays. We will proceed together with the organization of the base camp and basic survival techniques will be illustrated such as the search for wood, the lighting of the fire, the alternative use of the materials provided and found, the arrangement of the tents.


Before leaving for our adventure we will stop at a supermarket to stock up on food and water. Everyone is free to choose what they prefer according to their eating habits. The use of canned food, dry food, energy bars is recommended.


This is a wilderness adventure trip.
The organization cannot be held responsible for any adverse weather conditions or any other natural conditions or situations that will necessarily require adaptation of the experience. It is not possible to control sudden change conditions, due to weather change phenomena, about wind, rough sea or sudden rain. Under conditions of necessity, the experience will follow a different timing or adaptation always in experiential relationship with nature.

Participating in a multi-day outdoor event requires physical adaptation and mental flexibility.

We are guests of nature and not the other way around.

Changes regarding activities and travel times are subject to weather conditions and decisions made by the organizer, decisions always oriented towards the safety of the participants.

No particular physical preparation or high stand up paddle experience is required, but you must obviously be aware that it is an adventure in which sport and nature are the dominant elements

Image by Alexandra Diaconu




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